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La Condesa

About La Condesa

Six years ago the creative director set out to create a unique product, something special with an immeasurable value that back in 2009, nobody had access to yet. This proposal was military-inspired jackets, which is probably one of the most complicated garments to manufacture. She started by making custom-made jackets that were handmade in Spanish workshops by Spanish taylors. This is still the case now, and each of her pieces is created by national talent.

It was in this way that she gradually began to meet the largest fabric and accessory suppliers in our country and to this day they supply her with all the best quality fabric, soutache and magenta lining.

La Condesa has become a reference point, being a pioneer in the creation of military-style jackets. Today, all of its garments come with a distinctive pink bow that represents the fundamental pillar of the brand: 'Proudly Made in Spain by La Condesa'.

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